Christine Nelli

Christine Nelli had the good fortune to discover her passion for art and beauty at an early age. Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV, she was surrounded by art, glamorous entertainment, and nightlife. Christine felt the intense drive to create with her own hands when she and her friends would be getting ready for local school dances, proms and events.

At the age of 14, she started studying and practicing on friends and family with hopes of one day working as a hairstylist.

Upon turning 17 she enrolled in cosmetology school and spent the next two years learning technique and style by assisting Las Vegas’ top hairstylists. She branched out on her own working for the next several years in Las Vegas at some of the top salons before moving to Los Angeles to attend the highly rated school “Makeup Designory” and build a clientele base in the LA area.

As Christine’s reputation grew as a hair stylist, makeup artist and men’s groomer she pursued her passion for editorial, print, and commercial work. She has enjoyed the opportunity to work with distinguished directors, celebrities and photographers as well as companies such as Target, Old Navy, Spike TV, Warner Brothers, and Disney.

Currently she remains committed to delivering timeless, relevant styles to her varied clients from around the world.